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Dom sovetov

Note: This is an anti-causal post, because the writing existed before this blog thing here.

Well, well, well, so Konigsberg of East Prussia became Kalinigrad of the USSR after World War II. Konigsberg was famous for the 7 bridges problem often assoicated with Euler, of course.

According to Wikipedia,

In the Soviet part of the region (note: i.e. former East Prussia) a policy of eliminating all remnants of German history was pursued. In 1967 this resulted in the demolition of the remains of Königsberg Castle by order of Leonid Brezhnev to make way on the site for the new “House of Soviets”.

In other words, Brezhnev dynamited this

Konigsberg Castle

To make room for this

House of Soviets (Dom Sovetov)

Was the architect of the House of Soviets a robot, who modeled the building after its own face? Dom sovetov indeed. Har har.