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8 perfect shuffles

It is said that 8 perfect shuffles of a standard deck of 52 cards results in an unshuffled deck. Why is that? Is it true only for 52 cards? What kind of shuffle is implied by this statement? Yesterday, we (high school math buddies) made pretty good sense of it.
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how to get NVTV tuner to work with MCE

This tuner card kind of sucks, but it is supposed to work with Windows Media Center Edition 2005.

It doesn’t work out of the box, though. The way to get it to work is to install the following:

  1. The driver, version 1.20.45, from nVidia
  2. Forceware Multimedia 3.62 from XFX (with these two, the card will work with nVidia provided applications)
  3. April 2006 update for MCE 2005 Rollup 2 (that makes the card work under MCE)

It still craps out occasionally, but it works. Image quality is pretty good.

Edit: Wow, a couple of days playing with MCE made me realize that PC’s these days can be woken from hibernation on schedule programmatically — that’s right, hibernation, not standby, and that’s right, by software, not via wake-on-hardware. I wonder how that happens… I gotta try this on an older PC now to see if it works there, too.

Calvin Broadus lost his mind

That according to the video and the comments here.

What’s more, this ridiculous song has an uncensored twin version… What.