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where dreams are made of

Hmm, never noticed this. In the song Empire State of Mind, the chorus has what some people consider a grammatical mistake.

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York

Some people consider “of” to be ungrammatical here. Some lyric transcripts even leave it off. I don’t know, it’s there, can’t pretend it’s not there.
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The Analects, Section II


Note: This follows Section I previously translated. In this section, a discussion takes place regarding two subjects: one, how propriety translates from the personal sphere to governance; two, how to conduct oneself so as to be taken up by a state and have an influence on court life.

1. 子曰:「為政以德,譬如北辰,居其所而眾星共之。」
Master said: “Conduct politics according to virtue, analogous to the Northern Constellation, residing in its station while multitudinous stars surround it.”
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intel quicksync

The video transcoding software Handbrake has been able to use Intel’s QuickSync hardware H.264 encoding since sometime last year. It is one of the few applications to support this feature. The quality is debatable, especially on earlier chip generations, but the speed (hundreds of fps on SD video) and CPU usage (around 10% on Main profile) are impressive.

However, the exact configuration to enable Handbrake to use the QuickSync API (dubbed “Intel Media SDK”), and furthermore to have the QuickSync API activate the hardware encoding path, is not very clear-cut. The former requires a compatible version of the SDK, while the latter requires a compatible GPU driver. Intel has the fatuous policy of removing its older SDK’s and drivers, and possibly disabling certain features in later releases. Also, Intel doesn’t seem too interested in this consumer-facing feature to begin with. In light of that, I’m noting here one configuration that works for me, and archiving its relevant packages.
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Mencius Collection, King Hui of Liang


Note: This famous Mencius passage on the virtue of benevolent rule plays on the three derivatives of the morphemic root , which linguistic pun reflects the very heart of the Classical era (i.e. Earlier Kings’ era) ideology of achieving elective conformity and concordance in group behavior — and by extension, society — through symphonic rites.

8. 莊暴見孟子,曰:「暴見於王,王語暴以好樂,暴未有以對也。」曰:「好樂何如?」
Zhuang Bao seeing Mencius, said: “(When) Bao was seen by the king, the king opined to Bao regarding liking harmony, Bao was yet to have a reply to be used.” (Zhuang Bao) said: “What follows liking harmony?”
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