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Windows 10 is still the mess that Windows 8 was

It doesn’t appear that Windows 10 cleaned up much from Windows 8.

After one day of using the former, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Windows 7 is still the last version that anyone should run on its merits. Nobody in their right mind appreciates the mess that is Windows 8/10. (This is not Microsoft specific either, as Yosemite is also the last version of macOS that seems worth one’s while. The mobile OS angle has addled the brains of program managers at these companies.)

More egregiously, Windows 10 (Home) is also crippleware. It has disabled a number of features out of the box. No Guest account. No Group Policy Editor*. And hilariously, in what must be an attempt to emulate macOS, it automatically restarts after a system update, but saves no program states, with obvious defective results.

* How do I know it’s crippleware? Because vestiges still remain. You can exhume Group Policy Editor from buried .mum files. While you’re at it turning Windows 10 back into some semblance of Windows 7, wouldn’t you like to also disable Cortana?