fake inaugural performance

Didn’t know what the big deal was so I took a listen to this “Air and Simple Gifts” piece. So not only was it performed to recording, the piece itself is a cheap knockoff, quoting almost verbatim Copland’s use of a pre-existing shaker melody (“Simple Gifts”) down to instrumentation, plus some other less than appealing thematic fluff and unoriginal variations thereof.

Yo-Yo Ma told NPR’s All Things Considered that the piano keys had been decoupled from the hammers, and the bows of the stringed instruments had been soaped to silence them.

So much trouble for a … meh … piece. I’m disappointed. This isn’t even as good as the 40′s movie music “At Last” performed at the Ball in the ‘Hood.

“It presented with” the Macbook Air

A hilarious video that slams PC users, Apple, and “unboxing” videos all at the same time.

WHAT?? You can’t take the battery out? What? I do that all the time… Like most users, I switch the battery in and out all the freaking time.

And the comments on Youtube are clearly Mac users parodying themselves, since no one seems to get the joke.