ridiculously antiquated banking system

For an advanced economy with advanced electronic banking systems, it is embarassing that there is no bank that has branches in all parts of the country and no electronic funds clearing other than on “business days”. Computers don’t have geographic boundaries nor do they take breaks. Why can’t money be available everywhere (without resorting to a middle-man cash machine network) and be freely transferable 24/7?

For that matter, what is the fear of a central bank? In some countries, banks are like utilities and post offices — public services provided by the government. The First and Second National Banks were killed because people did not trust the government with their money. Well, it seems like big commercial banks can be trusted even less. Also, it’s not like anything would function with just community banks. It’s not a country of farmers any more…

I mean, capital allocation decisions can still be locally made and subject to market forces, as they should, but banking infrastructural issues like described here (and regulatory ones, some say) should have no reason not to be national, am I wrong?