gangnam style analysis

This brilliant infinite looping version of Gangnam Style uses machine learning to join the similar points of the song to each other, and allows branching among them. It is slightly annoying, however, because the song does not start on the first beat, so all the bars are misaligned by one. I decided to redo the chart with the correct alignment and labeling, so here it is:

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Microsoft Songsmith

fakalin pointed me to this product from MSR. I was actually sort of aware of this during my stint at MSR, via overheard hallway conversations, but didn’t know it was going to be released as a product.

So I downloaded it to see what’s up. It has been called the reverse Karaoke program. It has only been released a month and it appears there are already a handful of parodies of well known songs. There is one that turned a rap by Eminem into bluegrass (stupid vulgar song, but anyway):
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Calvin Broadus lost his mind

That according to the video and the comments here.

What’s more, this ridiculous song has an uncensored twin version… What.