pathetic uber (cont’d)

I recently had the privilege of consorting with Uber’s “customer service” some more. Recall that last time, HackerRep (he actually called himself “Joe”) took me for a fraud and left it at that. I actually wrote back to Joe,


June 15 08:44

Why would it do that (referring to their system identifying a real human being as a fraud)? I created an account a couple of months ago from a friend’s link and tried the app a few times. After that I could not log in. It behooves you to unban me.

but alas Joe never troubled to respond. After some months, I decided to write back!


Mar 4 07:05

Hello? This is not resolved.

I then received this from “Karlene.”

Karlene (Uber):

Mar 4 14:15
Hi [my name],

Happy to help. It looks like your Uber account has been suspended as a security precaution.

To confirm your identity and payment method, can you provide the following? You can attach this into the email.

It would also be helpful to let me know what city/country you are located.

1) a photo of the credit card linked to your Uber account in your name with only the last four digits, your name, and expiration date showing (you can cover the rest with paper or your finger)

This does not need to be the same card that was registered on Uber.

2) a photo of your ID in the same name as your Uber account / You can attach this into the email.

Once that information is confirmed, I’ll be happy to reactivate your account so you can be on your way.


Uber Support

So does it need to be a linked card or not?

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